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Links to all my fiction currently available on the interwebs. Mostly DW fanfic right now, but other bits and bobs will hopefully be added over the course of time. Rather pleased to be able to say that I have, to date, written stories for eight incarnations of the Doctor and two of the Master.

With thanks to Bob Furnell, E.G Wolverson, Jay Eales, David A. McIntee, Adrian Middleton, Dale Smith, Matt Grady, Andrew Kearley, Scott Claringbold, James P. Quick, Stuart Douglas and Paul Magrs.

The Gift of the Garb

Featuring the third Doctor and Jo. A silly little thing.

Shadow at the Heart

Featuring the fifth Doctor and Nyssa, published as part of TDWP's Brief Encounters series and written with James P. Quick.

Monkey Cups

Featuring the sixth Doctor and Peri, published as part of TDWP's Brief Encounters series.

The Sleeping Ones

Featuring the seventh Doctor and Ace, this was published in Mythmakers Presents: Golden Years.

Missing in Action

Featuring the seventh Doctor, originally submitted to Big Finish as part of a new talent competition. It got nowhere, but I liked it.

Auld Lang Syne

My first ever published story, included in the charity anthology Shelf Life. Features the eighth Doctor, and...

Too Young to Die

Featuring the eighth and ninth Doctors, written before any of us knew about the Moment and the War Doctor or any of that stuff.

A World Apart

Featuring the ninth Doctor, Rose, Jack and Iris Wildthyme. I'm very fond of this one.

A Spoonful Weighs a Ton

Featuring the 'other' ninth Doctor, as portrayed by Richard E. Grant in the webcast Scream of the Shalka.

Time Shadows: Second Nature

The unofficial Doctor Who anthology originally published by Pseudoscope, featuring Time-Crossed, my story for the first and eleventh Doctors, available in eBook with all proceeds going to Code NGO.

City of the Dragon

The penultimate story in the 37th season of The Doctor Who Project, and the penultimate story for the TDWP ninth Doctor, who looks like Basil Rathbone.

Peace of Mind

My second full length story for the TDWP main range, this was one of several specials released between seasons 37 and 38 and features the TDWP tenth Doctor.

Lieut. Gullivar Jones: His Bad Weekend

Featuring Iris Wildthyme (the Barbarella version) and Panda, this sequel to Gullivar of Mars is included in Iris Wildthyme of Mars, available now from Obverse Books.

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