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Here's a list of all the Doctor Who reviews I've written over the years that are still available on the web. Some link to entries on this blog, others to Television Heaven and Whotopia Magazine. Previously, a lot of reviews were hosted at The History of the Doctor, but E.G. Wolverson has rather childishly taken the site down in protest at the Doctor having a female incarnation. They're listed by Doctor, including links to my 'Doctor by Doctor' articles, followed by spin-offs and a rundown of reviews for stories featuring the Daleks, Cybermen and Master. See a title but can't click on it? Well, that probably means I'm planning to review it soon, or that it's been reviewed but not uploaded yet. Check back for updates.

The First Doctor - William Hartnell

My boy. Hmmm.

The Aztecs  Special Edition DVD review (includes Galaxy 4)

The First Doctor played by Richard Hurndall

Doctor by Doctor article

The First Doctor played by David Bradley

Twice Upon a Time

novelisation review

The Second Doctor - Patrick Troughton

When I say run...

Doctor by Doctor article

The Power of the Daleks fan film version

The Fourth Doctor - Tom Baker

A witty little knitter

The Fifth Doctor - Peter Davison

Howzat! Adric?

Doctor by Doctor article

The Sixth Doctor - Colin Baker

You were expecting someone else?

Doctor by Doctor article

The Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoy


The Light at the End
All-Consuming Fire (audio adaptation)
The Two Masters

The Eighth Doctor - Paul McGann

These shoes!

The Ninth Doctor - Christopher Eccleston


Doctor by Doctor article

Rose (ten year retrospective)

novelisation review

The Tenth Doctor - David Tennant

Wawww, yesh!

Doctor by Doctor article

Titan 10th Doctor #1 (bottom of review round-up)
Four Doctors (Titan Comics)

The Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith

Bowties are cool.

Doctor by Doctor article

Assimilation-Squared (crossover comic)
Titan 11th Doctor #1 (bottom of review round-up)
Four Doctors (Titan Comics)
Eleventh Doctor, Year Two (Titan Comics)

The Twelfth Doctor - Peter Capaldi

Shuttity up-up!

Doctor by Doctor article

Deep Breath

Into the Dalek
Robot of Sherwood
Time Heist
The Caretaker
Kill the Moon
Mummy on the Orient Express
In The Forest of the Night
Dark Water/Death in Heaven
Last Christmas

The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar

Under the Lake/Before the Flood
The Girl Who Died
The Woman Who Lived
The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion
Sleep No More
Face the Raven
Heaven Sent
Hell Bent
The Husbands of River Song

The Return of Doctor Mysterio

The Pilot
Thin Ice
Knock Knock
The Pyramid at the End of the World
The Lie of the Land
The Empress of Mars
The Eaters of Light
World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls

Twice Upon a Time
novelisation review

Lights Out

Four Doctors (Titan Comics)
Diamond Dogs, The Shining Man, Plague City

The Thirteenth Doctor - Jodie Whittaker

Doctor Who, the movie version - Peter Cushing

Doctor by Doctor article

The animated Doctor - Richard E. Grant

Non-fiction and live material

AHistory third edition

Iris Wildthyme

The Scarlet Empress (Eighth Doctor)
The Elixir of Doom (Eighth Doctor)

The Daleks

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