Wednesday, 1 January 2020

2020 vision

I'm not sharing one of those posts where people put up photos of themselves on New Year's Eve 2009 and 2019. I'd look basically the same anyway. Hair's slightly neater at the moment, I suspect. Still own some of the same shirts. What's changed in ten years? Quite a bit, I guess. I actually had 20/20 vision back then, before years of computer usage took its toll. It seems deeply strange that we're in 2020, the same way it seemed unreal when we hit 2000. It just sounds too futuristic... but then I working with people born in the 21st century, so maybe it's just making me feel old.

As for the traditional look back at the year just gone, that I feel obliged to do since everyone does in spite of the self-reflection making me feel terribly depressed... well, 2019 has been a brutal year for most of us. It feels like it's lasted several years, really. I can't really deny that the world is in a state that has left me thoroughly dejected. I can tell you that 2010 me would have been horrified to see a near-decade of Conservative rule in this country, culminating in Boris Johnson as PM. But it all went wrong for our civilisation much earlier than 2019. In fact, I'm naming this Earth-2016 after the year Trump won the US election and we careered into a parody dystopia timeline.

As horrible as the state of the world is, my personal life has been pretty good in 2019. A lot has happened on the life front, really. Suz and I bought a place together, then got a gorgeous puppy. Absolutely terrifying life commitments but thrilled to have taken the steps. Almost like a grown-up. It's been a very up-and-down year mental health wise, but then, it was ever thus. I've had a nice bunch of little publications. My first ever audioplay has been webcast. What else? I changed the way I write my nines. Might change back. You know, live on the edge.

I generally dislike resolutions, but why not? There's plenty of things I want to work on. I want to write a lot more, both fiction and non-fiction, not least so I can catch up with my commitments to others. Plus, a big run of Who reviews to catch up on (the New Year's special is part one of a twofer, so the review will be up in about a week). The tricky part is not crashing out because of putting pressure on myself. I definitely need to read more, and try to get back to something resembling my old reading rate. It's also time to seriously look at improving my work situation, since I really do need more money, and while I've been earning some nice extras through Television Heaven and a couple of other bits that not enough to make a real difference. All that will hopefully help on the brain side of things as well, although that also needs a serious approach.

We'll see if I've managed to drag myself up in a year's time.

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