Sunday 22 May 2016

Movie trailer roundup

This is certainly a very exciting trailer, and promises a great sci-fi action adventure. What it doesn't look like it'll be is very Star Trek-y. It's also very backwards looking; it's only the third film in this series, and yet it's already looking back to the first film. Admittedly that was released seven years ago, but that's still very little material on which to base a reaction. The obsession with daddy issues is very Trek though. Some great looking new aliens, though. If nothing else, this should be fun.

Of the two new trailers just released, the international is the better, showing more and better material. They both work better as trailers than the first pair, and while it still doesn't look like it'll be a classic, I really think this looks great fun. Part of it is that I'm seriously enamoured with Kate McKinnon, but still. Some of the CGI looks great, some looks a bit shonky, but there's a great, colourful vibe to this. I'm not sure releasing footage of the Big Bad was very wise, but as we have seen it, riffing on Stay Puft by creating a monster out of the logo ghost is a fun idea.

I'm not sure how I feel about this remake. To be honest, although I used to love Rocky Horror, I'm really quite bored with it now. Not only have I been to see the show half a dozen times, once you start having shenanigans in real life, the show/movie loses something. Still, the prospect of a new film version could be good. I wasn't sure about casting Laverne Cox as Frank N. Furter - surely he's a man. I'm usually all up for gender-switching iconic characters - I've been vocally in favour of a female Doctor for years and I'm so up for the new Ghostbusters - but it didn't sit right with me. It also smacks a little of conflating "man in drag" with "transwoman," two completely different identities. However, it has been pointed out that, while a bisexual man in drag was shocking in 1975, it's less so now, while transgender actors and characters are still rarely seen. Plus, Laverne Cox really does look and sound rather perfect.

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