Monday 30 September 2019

Doctor Who and the Adventures in the Far East - Part Two

You may remember the recent revelation that Doctor Who had a secret incarnation in Korean comicbooks... and the there's this:

OK, it's not really a Japanese tokustatsu style TV version of Doctor Who from the seventies. It's a fan project by someone who styles themselves "lepoissonriuge." It's been up on YouTube for five years, but I happened to stumble across it the other day. It's pretty brilliantly done - both the tokusatsu genre and Doctor Who really lend themselves to cheap-looking productions!

I love the Doctor's monster-fighting outfit here, the ridiculous Dalek and the unrecognisabel Cybermen. If the BBC had tried to make a quick quid by selling the rights to Doctor Who to Toei Company like Stan Lee id with Spider-Man, the results would probably have looked a lot like that. Although, naturally, a giant Emperor Dalek would show up for the climax and be defeated when the TARDIS turned into a giant robot.

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