Monday, 18 January 2021

Spooky Goings On at Television Heaven

 My classic genre TV bingewatch is well underway, with four new reviews up on Television Heaven.

The first two seasons of The X-Files are now reviewed, the beginning of a complete eleven season trek through the whole thing. This should be a lot of fun; I've just reached a couple of episodes I'd missed on the original airing on not caught up on in my season three rewatch, and by the time I get to season nine it's going to be pretty much all new to me. It's fun watching these back after all these years, having watched the original broadcast as a kid. My god, that title sequence looks naff now.

Anyway, you can read my season one write-up here and season two here.

I'm also continuing on my Sapphire & Steel reviews, with two serials a month going up. You can now read my reviews of the bizarre Assignment Three and the wonderful Assignment Four

As an aside, as I write this, I realise something sobering: The X-Files is now older than Sapphire & Steel was when The X-Files started.

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