Tuesday 15 August 2023

The Forgotten Lives Omnibus - up for preorder


I'm very pleased to announce that not only has Obverse Books decided to reprint both volumes of the unofficial Doctor Who collection Forgotten Lives as a single, hardback omnibus edition, but enough pre-orders have come in during just the first week to ensure it's viable to go ahead.

This is a fantastic response, meaning that these stories will get another lease of life, and that more money will be raised for Alzheimer's charities. 

If you missed out on either of the first volumes, now's your chance to get ahold of these limited run stories. The first Forgotten Lives featured, for the first time, stories for all eight of the "Morbius Doctors" - the mysterious faces in fancy attire seen in the Doctor's mind battle with Morbius in the classic serial The Brain of Morbius. It was hinted that these were incarnations of the Doctor from before William Hartnell's incarnation, that we know as the First Doctor, now all but confirmed by the latest revelations in Jodie Whittaker's run.

I reviewed Forgotten Lives here and absolutely loved it, so I was thrilled to be able to contribute to Forgotten Lives 2, writing "The First Englishmen," a story for the Christopher Baker Doctor and his two children. I'm rather proud of that one and had a ball writing it. 

The first volume had one story for each Doctor, with the second doubling that up and featuring an eight-part narrative woven between them. So that's now thirty-two stories you get for £25, plus they're in chronological order from the Doctor's point-of-view, in case you're a neurodivergent pedant like me.

Pre-orders can be made here from Obverse Books.