Wednesday 24 March 2021

COMING SOON: Sarah Jane Smith - Roving Reporter

 Coming soon from Pencil Tip Publishing... Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter, a new unofficial anthology celebrating the Doctor's companion Sarah Jane Smith, as played by the late Elisabeth Sladen on Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures

Roving Reporter features a selection of short stories starring Sarah Jane by Paul Magrs, Nick Walters, Simon Bucher-Jones and more... including one by me. There are comic strips, essays and tributes by a selection of great writers, including a foreward by Sadie Miller - Sladen's daughter and the new Sarah Jane for Big Finish in their new release Return of the Cybermen.

Check back soon for details of ordering the collection, which will raise money for the British Columbia Cancer Foundation.

Sunday 7 March 2021

REVIEW: WandaVision

 There's no way to review this one without considerable SPOILERS. Go away and watch it, if you're in any way inclined but somehow haven't done so yet. I recommend it.

Saturday 6 March 2021

Monster Mountain

 Just a quick note to say I've taken down my other blog, Monster Mountain, where I had originally planned to write about a lot Monster in My Pocket. In the end I simply didn't have time to maintain another blog alongside this one and everything else I'm doing. Even this blog isn't getting updated as much as it used to, so I've decided to let the other one go completely.

If the proposed new MIMP series does materialise, I'll probably do some reviews of it here.