Friday 23 December 2022


I'm very pleased to announce - a little belatedly, but still - that the new Doctor Who website by Television Heaven head honcho Laurence Marcus is up and running. Time and Relative is a site dedicated to Who both new and old, with news, articles, reviews, biographies and more. 

I'm very proud to be listed as lead writer for the site, but there are also contributions from Joshua Nicholson, Dr. Andrew O'Day, Frank Collins and the guru, Lol Marcus himself. The latest piece is Malcolm Alexander's review of Troughton serial The Krotons.

Television Heaven is, of course, going strong, but from this point on any Who-related material will be published on the new site and archive material is being moved over. Currently I'm sporadically updating links while also contributing new material to both sites, during the brief gaps between the day job and baby wrangling. This includes, finally, my overview of season two of Angel, with the remainder of the franchise to come soon-ish.