Sunday 9 October 2022

A real life update

Afternoon all. It's been a while since I posted anything, so I thought it was about time I checked in and gave an explanation.

To start with, in August my laptop gave up the ghost completely, and since I can't really afford a new one right now I've been slumming it with an old lend and using phone or tablet, none of which is terribly suitable. I've also been tremendously busy, not least of which was preparing for the birth of my first child.

Suz gave birth to our daughter Astrid on 9th September and since then pretty much everything has revolved around her. However, I do plan to get back to some writing in the near future so keep an eye open. As has been the case lately, the bulk of my work will be for Television Heaven (with some potential new developments to the site) but I'll keep updating here with new material too. 

Right, with that I'm back to feed my beautiful one-month-old girl.

(And yes, she's at least partly named after the Fringe character, and we have not missed the fact that her name is an anagram of TARDIS).