Monday 19 March 2012

Project Unbreakable

This is usually a pretty flippant blog. I don't tend to get very political, beyond the occasional grumpy rant. I mostly write about fairly silly and inane things. Leisurely pursuits and diversions. But this is important.

Project Unbreakable is a unique initiative to help those who have been raped or have suffered sexual abuse. It is being funded using IndieGoGo. It's already surpassed its target funding, but a project like this deserves everything it can get.

If you can't donate, then please take the time to read a few of the posts. It won't be pleasant or comfortable reading, but it will be worthwhile. Maybe some of you reading will want to contribute yourselves. I am certain that some of you will understand what these people have gone through.

Project Unbreakable from Nino Gallego on Vimeo.

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