Monday, 2 April 2012

Sci-fives all round!

On the first Sunday of every month, the Caroline of Brunswick in Brighton is host to The Geekest Link, the South's foremost science fiction and cult quiz night. I used to go along to this almost every month, but lapsed after a while. I've wanted to go back though, and April's instalment was a must: a Star Trek special.

Quizmasters Ed and Steve, the former celebrating his birthday that very night, and the latter in a snazzy Science Division blue uniform top, came up with a fantastic array of questions. The format of the Geekest is a proven classic; four specialist rounds, one being a picture round, followed by a particularly fiendish final round of General Nerdage. This time round, the rounds were Klingons, Jean-Luc Picard, the movie trilogy and a starships picture round, followed by a Trek-only GN to finish. The stirring music of the 2009 movie and the emotive lyrics of 'Faith of the Heart,' got everyone in the Trekkie mood. It was a great atmosphere; the barmaid was even putting little Starfleet symbols into the head on the Guinness.

I was confident that my team - my sister Becca, my good friends Helen and Louise, and new recruits Mimi and Joseph - would do well, but the array of competition was daunting. Fifteen teams, some of which came in costume. Fancy dress earns extra points at the Geekest (indeed, my team has previously won due to the extra points earned for our impressive Doctor Who costumes), so such a turn-out menat some serious competition. One team boasted a security officer, a gent in Starfleet desert fatigues, a Talosian and an elaborate Borg drone. I quite fancied the Talosian, which is something I never thought I'd say; but I think she was there with the Borg.

Also of the utmost importance at the Geekest is the choice of team name. No extra points for that, but the promise of true admiration. We've had some belters before, often Trek related - 'Dude, Where's My Khan?' and 'Harold and Kumar Escape from Rura Penthe' being two of my favourites - and this time Joseph came up with 'Praxis Makes Perfect,' which is a real corker.

We won. Not only did we win, we got full marks. A flawless quiz. No team has ever achieved that before. Mimi came in with some vital Voyager and recent movie knowledge, Joseph was a fount of all things Trek, and I secured the victory with a vital point for some animated series trivia. Yes, we won by a single point. It must be pointed out thought, that the runner-up was a team of one. I feel the true victory must surely be his.

Nonetheless, this great, triumphant return to the Geekest will live in history. Qapla'!

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