Monday 14 September 2015

FANS WHO: The Ten Doctors, by Babelcolour

The long awaited final episode of The Ten Doctors, the fanfilm by Stuart Humphryes, aka Babelcolour, is now here. Babel began working on this back in 2009, when David Tennant was the incumbent Doctor, piecing together a new story out of segments of footage from the series, augmenting them with hundreds of new effects shots to create three short episodes with a new story. Babel provided the voice of the villain for the story himself, with all other characters' lines being taken from existing recordings or, from episode three onwards, using impressionists to record new dialogue. Then, he got the job to colourise The Mind of Evil for the BBC, and no longer had time to work on his fan project. It looked like that was that, but earlier this year, spurred on by his fans, he found time to complete it, with further help from voice artists and CGI sequences by Mert Karaca.

Now you can watch episode four, or, if you want to experience the whole thing, the entire story, which clocks in at a little under fifty minutes, just like an episode of the real series. Babel plays merry hell with established continuity, taking barely explained hints and glimpses and creating an unknown story from the Doctor's past. There are far more than ten Doctors featured in part four, and the "Ten Doctors" of the title might not be the ones you're expecting.

Mert Karaca

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