Friday, 31 July 2020

Coming soon from Obverse Books

The brilliant Obverse Books have announced two new charity publications now out for pre-order.

Firstly, the marvellously ridiculous collection The Curse of Fanfic will be released soon. 26 wonderfully daffy stories based on TV series from the 20th century, one for each letter of the alphabet - plus crossovers!

Edited by Paul Castle and featuring authors such as the great Paul Magrs, The Curse of Fanfic includes such inspired combinations as Iris Wildthyme meeting Sooty and Co, Worzel Gummidge and the League of Gentlemen, The Goodies and Space 1999 and my own combination, Inspector Gadget vs. the Cybermen.

The Curse of Fanfic is available for pre-order until the 1st of September and then that's it. You can order it here for £12.95, with all profits going to Parkinson's UK.

The second upcoming charity publication will be Forgotten Lives, an unofficial Doctor Who tie-in featuring those mysterious men from The Brain of Morbius, who were absolutely the Doctor and no one can convince me otherwise. (Of course, that's now totally backed up by "The Timeless Children.") Forgotten Lives will feature stories of these mysterious pre-Hartnell Doctors by Simon Bucher-Jones, Phillip Purser-Hallard and Paul Driscoll among others, and I wish I'd had a chance to be involved in this one. 

Pre-orders for Forgotten Lives will open in the autumn and all profits will go towards Alzheimer's Research UK.

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