Monday, 28 November 2011

The Tram Experience

Just going to add my tuppence into the latest furore. I'm referreing to the latest video to have gone viral - no, not Fenton the dog, but 'The Tram Experience.'

This article in the Periscope Post covers everything you need to know - the background, the fallout, the video itself. You can watch it there, all two and a half horrible minutes of it. To be honest, it's not as shocking as many people are claiming. I hear people ranting about this sort of thing fairly often. Perhaps it's the fact this woman has a young child on her lap, and still considers it perfectly acceptable to left forth a tirade of bile like this.

What's most distressing is that, immediately, people have sprung to this woman's defence. Some people consider it her right to hurl abuse at people like this. The woman has been arrested now - an internet viral actually leading to some good, it seems - yet some people are claiming that this infringes on her right to freedom of speech. Of course, the majority of people saying this have then gone onto their own beliefs regarding the segregation of the races and white superiority, and other gibberish. It's true that they, and this new internet starlet, have a right to their own opinions, and to express them. This, however, is nothing more than verbal abuse, which should never be considered acceptable, whatever someone's questionable beliefs are.

Sure, the UK has issues with immigration, and there are people who have come from overseas who should never have been allowed to stay here. But to possibly claim that this vile invective is a legitimate expression of opinion - that's almost as offensive as the video itself.

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