Saturday 24 August 2013

Try a new short story - 'Terminal' by Rachael Spellman

My good friend Rachael Spellman, aka CelenaGaia, has released her first e-book, Terminal.

"Paul is the oil in his company's machine, smoothing out deals across the world. Forever on the move, he's the guy his colleagues raise a glass to, even while he shivers at a ghost-light taxi rank, or is stuck listening to airport muzak. Dulled in the face of the world, he is trying to recall the traveling dreams of his youth - but more often than not, remembers only the last touch of his dying mother's hand.

When a winter storm shuts him inside yet another airport lounge, he welcomes the arrival of a strangely cloaked girl as something of a distraction. The recessional that follows - a blurring of lines between past and present - could be his awakening." 

Terminal is a beautifully written piece, channelling real, raw emotion. It's a powerful story, and you should all take a little time out of your day to read it.

You can buy it from Amazon here, for only £1.54. 

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