Friday, 2 May 2014

Maketh the Man

It's fashionable to dress like the Doctor now. Look, The Radio Times is even doing a fashion guide. Truth is, I already own most of the things required to dress up as the Doctor. (I will say, Tesco's own brand tenner-a-pair plimsoles are far more durable and cosy than real Converse). I've been dressing Doctorishly for years. To begin with, when I was but a lad, I got into Doctor Who and part of its appeal was his clothes. I particularly fell in love with Paul McGann's frock-coated look and Jon Pertwee's dandyism. I discovered the joys of second-hand shops and filled up my wardrobe with as many snazzy items as I could - dress shirts, tailcoats, velvet jackets, militaria - as long as it more-or-less fit, I wanted it. Over the years I paired it down a little, got rid of most of the less well-fitting items and developed more of a dress sense, but I've always retained a rather fancy sense of dress.

The thing is, by the time Doctor Who returned to our screens, I'd already developed a style of my own, and begun to play around with it. I decided that a more casual look might be better for a while, especially as I was travelling a good deal back then and something practical would be, um, practical. I acquired a rather swish leather jacket, and although I sometimes wore it over a waistcoat and ties, I also went pretty casual at times. Then the Doctor turned up, wearing a casual outfit with a leather jacket. So, I smartened myself up again, took to wearing suits and rediscovered the joy of pinstripes. I even got a long, tan coat to wear over the top. Then David Tennant came along and stole my look. Everyone thought I was cosplaying.

Time-travellers kept pinching my look. I got hold of a gorgeous RAF greatcoat to wear in the snowy weather. And what did Captain Jack wear? I have a red military tunic from, I believe, the early twentieth century. Captain John turned up in something not dissimilar. I've been wearing tweeds, and sometimes even bowties, for years. Once the pinstripes went out, what did the Doctor switch to?

So, I might as well go with it. I got a nice stack of cash to spend of clothes for my birthday, which I eventually opted to spend on a gorgeous new coat. I got myself a Crombie-styled one from Brighton mod-shop Jump the Gun, complete with lovely red lining. I'm well pleased with it. Seeing that I've also found myself getting into cardies lately (it must be my age), and I wear navy trews quite often, my twelfth Doctor look is pretty much ready to go.

OK, sometimes I do dress up. I also own a fez.

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