Sunday 12 October 2014

The weekend was a drag

This was initially going to be quite a pleasant, easy weekend, but has turned into one spent almost entirely at work due to half the people in the district being on holiday and the other half being ill with the local plague. I didn't get to watch Doctor Who until gone midnight last night/this morning, so the review for that will wait a short time, because I need to watch it again and will shortly have to get a rail replacement bus back to the bloody shop again.

At least the powers that be managed to find cover for me on Friday night, when I wasn't supposed to be working at all and needed rather urgently to get down to Brighton to meet my lovely friends Rosalie and Joanne for our little night out. We went to see drag sensation Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 at the Powder Room, at Club Revenge. I'll be honest, I'm well out of the loop with all this stuff, I've barely seen any local drag shows in recent years and only watched bits and pieces of Ru Paul's Drag Race since the first series, but we went to see Sharron Needles a few months ago and she was fabulous so I was looking forward to this. Got to squeeze right at the front due to some well worked-out queuing. Alaska was pretty spectacular, kind of amateurish but she puts on a hell of a show. She did a pretty unique version of Wrecking Ball (I still prefer Weird Al's version). On the whole, I think Sharron was better, but it was a great night, with some excellent supporting acts. You haven't really experienced anti-Iraq War satire until you've seen it performed by a gothic drag act.

However, my favourite performer at the Powder Room has been Lili La Scala, who compered on Friday. Classy, beautiful and with an astounding voice. I'll definitely be looking out for her again.

Rosie got to meet Alaska but I had to shoot off. Apparently she smells of sick. Also, her claws are terrifying. I was really concerned I might lose an eye.

Back to work, hopefully to a quiet one so I can catch up with some reading and get slightly back on track with the many, many things I need to write up.

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