Saturday, 23 July 2016

A Target for Tommy

This is the latest release from Obverse Books (publishers of the Iris Wildthyme short fiction series, The Black Archive Doctor Who reference books, The Sexton Blake Library, The City of the Saved and more). It's probably best to allow Stuart Douglas and Paul Magrsto describe this very special release.

From the official product description: "As many in fandom will be aware, Scream Street creator, Beano writer, Doctor Who author and all round lovely guy, Tommy Donbavand, has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently recovering from a series of painful and unpleasant treatments. 

One of the worst things he has to face, in addition to the physical and mental pain, is the inability to write and visit schools a major part of the income he and his family rely on to live. 

(We decided) to put together a Doctor Who short story collection, with all the profits going to help Tommy in what really is his hour of need."

And from Stuart himself: "Who could resist me writing about Pertwee and Delgado coming face to face with Mapp and Lucia? Or Phil Marsh with Capaldi in a very peculiar cinema? Or Paul Magrs with Miss Hawthorne and the LINDA crew? How about Stew Sheargold and his tale of inter-species love? Nick Wallace's season of Dr Who in 140 character synopses? Sharon Tregenza's tribute to Tommy's Scream Street?
Featuring pretty much every Dr Who character you could wish for* - plus Senor 105, a smidge of Iris, folk from other world's entirely - and many more...
I'm extremely proud to have co-edited and contributed to this - might well be my favourite Obverse book!"

A Target for Tommy is available in paper and ebook formats and is available to buy directly from Obverse Books. Enjoy the first, very peculiar, highly entertaining Doctor Who fiction release from Obverse, all in support of author Tommy Donbavand.

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