Monday 6 May 2019

Forgotten Trek

There's a great Star Trek site here by Nick Ottens, which explores the beginnings of various eras of the Star Trek franchise and the various roads not taken.

It includes a lot of material from The Art of Star Trek and The Continuing Mission, both excellent volumes that are favourites of mine, but in bringing it all together here, with more sources and further information, Ottens has created a single encyclopaedia of hidden Star Trek historical knowledge and design.

The site covers everything from the original series to Voyager, through the unmade Phase II series, the original cast films and taken through the TNG films up to Insurrection. There are all sorts of unmade episodes listed in the TOS and Phase II sections, and while I've heard of some of them, I've never come across so much information on them. (Most of them sound absolutely awful, which is great. They're the most entertaining.)

The site has been updated recently, and I hope that in future Ottens might add information on Nemesis, the Abramsverse movies, Enterprise, Discovery and more. For now, it's an excellent site for all thing Trek up to about 2000.

Also on the subject of Trek, I've made a small update to my planetary classification guide. Basically I've just tried to squeeze in another class to cover a planet seen in Discovery and a similar one from TOS.

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