Wednesday, 13 May 2020

"Doctor Who - New Beginnings" at Television Heaven

My extensive two-part article on the debut stories of each Doctor, "New Beginnings," is now available to read at Television Heaven. Part One covers the classic series, An Unearthly Child to Time and the Rani, while Part Two covers the TV Movie and the revival series from "Rose" to "The Woman Who Fell to Earth." Some of these I've reviewed before, in a more individually in-depth way, but here I'm not just looking at how each story works on its own. I'm looking at how the process of recasting the Doctor, and often reintroducing the series, has been handled over the years.

There's also a great article on one of my favourite shows, the original run of The Outer Limits, which started only a couple of months before Doctor Who in the States but didn't make it to the UK until much later. It's by Peter Henshuls and it's rather grand. I'm tempted to try some Captain's Blog-style reviews of Limits episodes someday, as I've done with Star Trek and Space Dandy.

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