Sunday, 7 January 2018

Time Shadows: Second Nature

The time is coming... Time Shadows was an absolutely brilliant fanthology written for charity and featuring all thirteen Doctors (well, more than thirteen, in fact). Now the second volume is approaching its imminent release. Featuring Doctors galore and stories from authors such as Nick Walters (The New Adventures: Dry Pilgrimage; Eighth Doctor Adventures: Dominion, The Fall of Yquatine, Reckless Engineering; Past Doctor Adventures: Superior Beings); Dale Smith (Past Doctor Adventures: Heritage; New Series Adventures: The Many Hands; Faction Paradox: Spinning Jenny; Time Hunter: The Albino's Dancer); Paul Driscoll (The Black Archive: The God Complex) and many more, including me.

The book will be raising money for CODE, the global literacy charity. It will be available to order very soon, but for now, Pseudoscope have released teasers for all the stories, including mine, "Time-Crossed."

Click here to peruse.

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