Tuesday 15 October 2019

Ghostbusters at 35

Although it was officially released in June 1984 in the United States, Ghostbusters didn't see the light of the cinema screen in most of the world until later in the year. In the UK, it wasn't out until December. So, Columbia can be forgiven for staging their anniversary re-release for the Hallowe'en market - well, near enough, anyway.

It's always a treat to see a classic film on the big screen, particularly when it's one that you never had a chance to see the first time round, due to unfortunately missing its release, a lack of showings in your area, or unluckily being nine months old when it was originally released. I have actually seen the film on the big screen before, for Hallowe'en about five years ago, but Ghostbusters is one film I will take the opportunity to see every time I get the chance.

So, thank you Odeon Brighton for hosting this special showing. There weren't very many of us there - how many people go to catch a movie on a wet Monday night? - and there weren't any staff on the door (which raises the question of why I bother paying for this stuff, when I could blatantly just walk in). But still. There was a good atmosphere. Everyone there loves the film, or they wouldn't be there.

So, was it worth making the trek to see a film I've already seen god-knows-how-many times? Well, there wasn't all that much extra in this special anniversary presentation. There were some new interviews with Murray, Aykroyd, Hudson, Weaver, Potts and Reitman, but none of them really told us anything new. Did we learn anything? Only that Sigourney Weaver has aged incredibly well.

However, there were, as promised, several alternative takes of favourite scenes. This was the best part of the showing. So much of the film was ad-libbed that the alternative takes have some seriously different dialogue, and where the dialogue is the same the inference is often very different too. It's not much different to watching a new Blu-Ray release - and there'll doubtless be one to tie in with the new movie next year - but it still added something special to a brilliant film, seen the way it was intended.

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