Friday, 17 April 2020

Doctor Who Lockdown: "The Shadow Passes"

Maybe scratch that, I think this might be my favourite Doctor Who extra this month. Paul Cornell - one the greatest Doctor Who writers of the modern era - has written a new short story, "The Shadow Passes," with sees the Thirteenth Doctor and fam making their way through their own lockdown.

It's a timely piece, but it's a brilliant Thirteenth Doctor story regardless of topical setting. I think Cornell really nails how being female really changes how the Doctor is perceived by so many people, and it gives us a better insight into her character than most stories. There's some very sweet interplay between the Doctor and Yaz as well - #thasmin

Steven Moffat has also provided a Thirteenth Doctor story, "The Terror of the Umpty Ums," - his first ever time writing for the incarnation - and while it's a sweet story with a nice punch to it, I prefer Cornell's. He's got a way of getting into the Doctor's head that somehow makes them more mysterious, not less.

As an aside, this is first time I've really explored the official Doctor Who website for a long while, and it fills me with a quiet satisfaction to see all the different TV stories stacked up like this.

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