Tuesday 4 March 2014

A Hundred Years of Paperbacks

Authors Paul Magrs and Stuart Douglas have tasked themselves with reading one hundred fiction paperbacks, one for each year of the twentieth century. At the rate of one per month, that should keep them busy for quite a while. They're mixing in various genres, throwaway pulps, fondly remembered classics, and forgotten gems. Their choice for 1900 was Jules Verne's Castaways of the Flag, so for 1901 they're going to follow it up with a work by the other father of science fiction, H.G. Wells: The First Men in the Moon.

So, if you fancy reading the classic novel of lunar exploration, dig out your copy, or download the handy Kindle file from the site itself. I agree with the boys, the 1964 movie version, with Ray Harryhausen's monsters and Lionel Jeffries as Professor Cavor is hard to beat, but the original novel will always be definitive.

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