Sunday, 6 May 2018

We've all googled ourselves, haven't we? In my defence, this time I was looking for something specific (an old review I don't have archived, and I didn't find it).

I discovered that I have an entry on TARDIS, the Doctor Who wiki, and on the Internet Speculative Fiction Database, for my contribution to Obverse Books, and am cited a couple of times on Wikipedia for throwaway bits of information taken from old reviews. My Eerie, Indiana review is on an Eerie dedicated LiveJournal site. I've found Spanish translations of my reviews. I've even found someone sharing my story "A World Apart" on the Papua New Guinea forum (there's one forum for the whole of Papua New Guinea?!)

However, this was the most unexpected find. Reproduced on a fansite called Doctor Who Alliance, the first bit of Doctor Who I ever wrote, a good fifteen years ago. Reading it now, it's obviously not terribly good, more of a fragment of a story than a story itself, but it's surprisingly still like my current style. I was obviously still pretty obsessed with the eighth Doctor back then, though, but then, he was still the current Doctor at the time.

You can read it here, if you want. It's kind of sweet, I think.

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