Saturday 22 February 2020

Dinosaurs of the Museum fur Naturkunde

This is what you see when you enter the Hall of Dinosaurs. The size of the thing.

The Allosaurus fragilis with his head through a window.

I pegged this as a Dryosaurus, but it's a close relative, Dysalotosaurus

The Elaphrosaurus, a relative of my favourite dino Carnotaurus, as shown by his stumpy arms.

Diplodocus carnegii

Brachiosaurus keeps his head down here so you can actually see it properly.

Because getting the whole thing in is a bit of a challenge.

Because Brachiosaurus brancai aka Giraffatitan is just enormous.

The comparatively small Dicraeosaurus

Kentrosaurus also shares the central display

And the skull of Stygimoloch (perhaps a young Pachycephalosaurus?)

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