Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Mike and Angelo

Some perfect COVID-19 isolation viewing: the regeneration episode of Mike and Angelo from 1990, where Tim Whitnall takes over from Tyler Butterworth. Angelo contracts some kind of extraterrestrial illness and changes his appearance, in a scene not remotely inspired by Doctor Who, honest.

Fun fact: Tyler Butterworth is the son of Peter Butterworth, who played the Meddling Monk on Doctor Who in 1966. Given that Angelo here regenerates, and arrives on Earth in a spaceship which disguises itself as a wardrobe, it's pretty clear he's part Time Lord. Blatantly, the Monk is Angelo's dad (he must have settled on the extradimensional planet Ptarg for a time). Angelo's dad actually turns up in a later episode, played by Ron Moody, so he is obviously another incarnation of the Monk, somewhere amongst Peter Butterworth, Graeme Garden and Rufus Hound.

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