Saturday, 28 March 2020

The Doctor Who Project - Tenth Doctor Adventures

The Doctor Who Project has made its full run of Tenth Doctor Adventures available for free download once again. Now, this isn't the Tenth Doctor you're familiar with from the TV series; The Doctor Who Project continues from the end of the original series, which finished in 1989 with season 26. TDWP is now onto its 41st season, with work currently underfoot on season 42. You can find the beginnings of our Tenth Doctor at the end of season 37 with the Summer Special Pendragon by Duncan Johnson.

My story Peace of Mind can be found in the 2011 specials, as the Tenth Doctor's fourth story. You can also read stories by Miles Reid-Lobatto in seasons 38 & 40 (The Vault and Cybercult respectively), and my co-conspirator James P. Quick in season 41, with the two-part extravaganza The Throne of Peladon and The Secret of Peladon. We've got Cybermen, Voord, Ice Warriors, Silurians and more in the series, plus all many of new and strange monsters and adventures.

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