Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Return to Bluebell End

Oh ye of Littlehampton! Creator of The Minister of Chance, Dan Freeman, has, by methods unknown, resurrected his 2000 radio series Ectoplasm and hosted it on his site. Simply by clicking upon this here link one can be transported to the house at Bluebell End, home of the superlative supernatural investigator Lord Zimbabwe (Nick Romero). Join him on his missions into the unknown, as he, Doctor Lilac (Freeman), and his untrusty butler Theramin (Peter Donaldson) investigate the uncanny. Enter a world of possession, poltergeists, shape-changing pixie creatures, and sundry beautiful ladies (all played by Sophie 'Ace' Aldred - the ladies, that is, not the rest).

All four episodes of this hilarious nonsense are available to stream. Uncover the mysteries of 'The Curse of the Mummy's Curse' (aka 'The Curse of Tutancommon'), 'The Case of the Missing Lost Soul,' 'The Affair of the Baddie's Niece' and 'The Adventure of the Stupid, Ignorant Americans.' Best listened to with Monster Munch.

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