Sunday 10 March 2019

The Fiction Factory

Another quick update with some more fanfic news.

I’v just completed one story for a project for Obverse books, which is yet to be announced but will be a treat for fans of 20th century TV classics. I’m also working on a story for a Who-related project for Pencil Tip Publishing , which should be something really rather special.

On the subject of the Obverse, a very special project has been announced. In aid of author Tommy Donbavand, who is gravely ill and in need of support, Obverse are publishing four brand new, unofficial Dr. Who novels featuring the eccentric scientist as played by Peter Cushing. Written by a well-known Who author (who shall remain nameless), the set includes novelisations of the two Dalek movies, Dr. Who and the Daleks and Daleks: Invasion Earth - 2150AD, plus two novels based on Hartnell stories, imagining what further movies might have been like had Aaru kept making them. Dr. Who in "The Tenth Planet Invades the Moonbase and Dr. Who and the Ice Men from Mars pit Dr. Who against the Cybermen and the Ice Warriors.

You can buy a complete set of the four books for a discount, or buy the individual books. There's only a week left to get pre-order in though - this is a very limited edition set.

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