Tuesday 5 March 2019

A quick update

Well, I've just moved house! Everything is in chaos and I'm very busy! And there's no WiFi yet! I haven't even watched the latest episode of Star Trek yet, that's how busy I am!

However, soon I will be catching up and cracking on with some reviews, so expect a flurry of posts in short order, with reviews of Discovery, The Orville, some of the latest Doctor Who releases and probably more.

Plus, take a look at the new Television Heaven site. Site supremo Laurence Marcus has given the site a complete overhaul, making it all shiny and new and much more compatible with mobile devices. There are already new articles on there, and I shall be working away at some new material myself covering both new and classic TV series.

Also celebrating a milestone is The Doctor Who Project, which hit twenty years old in January. This is a pretty bloody impressive feat for a fan fiction series, and there are still new stories coming, and I hear there's an anniversary special in the pipeline. Go check out the site, or if you want to read my stories for the series (including co-written works with James P. Quick of CP Studios) then click the links below:

Shadow at the Heart (with JPQ) featuring the fifth Doctor and Nyssa
Monkey Cups featuring the sixth Doctor and Peri
The Fossilist (with JPQ) featuring the TDWP ninth Doctor and Silver
City of the Dragon featuring the TDWP ninth Doctor, Tom and Val
Peace of Mind featuring the TDWP tenth Doctor, Tom and Val

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