Friday, 1 November 2013


With festive timing, the third series of October Toys' OMFG has just arrived to my door. As with previous series, this latest set of Outlandish Mini-Figure Guys has been designed and sculpted by several different artists and funded by fans through KickStarter.

From left to right, we have:

Pugnacious, Bill Mackay and George Gaspar
Dr. Decay, by Jonathan Wojcik and George Gaspar
Fruit Punch, by Scott Tolleson and George Gaspar
Barbarianaut, by Charles Marsh
TenCan, by Richard Brown and Bryan Fulk

Dr. Decay is part of Jonathan 'Bogleech' Wojcik's Mortasheen universe. The Bogleech site is full of weirdery and is worth checking out if you're a toy or cartoon nut. Wojcik talks about the eveolution of Dr. Decay from cartoon monster design to fully fledged toy here. I love the toy version, it's nicely intricate and detailed.

Pugnacious kind of reminds me of the old Monster Wrestler in My Pocket series - he's not unlike the character Bulldog Drumhead, although I think I prefer Pugnacious better. Barbarianaut, a sort of space Viking, is a good, solid figure. He's got a nice, old-fashioned minifig feel to him.

TenCan is just strange. I like it. My favourite of the set is Fruit Punch. A raving juice carton is such a ridiculous idea. He's tiny, by far the smallest figure of all three series, but I get the feeling he cold hold his own against these other monsters.

 This is the standard set of OMFG in flesh colour. S3 is in a darker tone, like S1, rather than the paler S2 version. It's a nice little collection I'm building up here. Looking forward to see what S4 will bring.

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