Monday, 28 April 2014

A Pleasant Weekend

I don't often blog about how I spend my time, but I have had a most enjoyable weekend, with some of my most beautiful friends.

Thursday was spent aimlessly drifting around Brighton with one of my closest confidantes. A beautifully sunny day, we were planning on taking in a film but it was just too gorgeous. So instead, it was lunch on the seafront with live music, ice creams under the overhang and noodles in our favourite packed Chinese restaurant. Just wandering and chatting and happily achieving nothing.

On Friday evening, I went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel. An absolutely gorgeous film. It's Wes Anderson's latest, and had been on my radar for a while, but was subsumed by all the comicbook movies that are being released these days. Thankfully, it was lady's choice, and she's clearly more discerning than I am. As well as being really quite beautiful, with some stunning cinematography, it's probably the funniest film I've seen in years. Some of the funniest moments are very subtle, just the tiniest glance or the composition of a shot being enough to make me crease up. Other times, it was the sheer joy of Ralph Fiennes swearing his tits off as Gustave, the hotel's concierge. He has a wonderfully unlikely pairing with Zero Moustafa, played by Tony Revolori, only eighteen and definitely one to watch. Add to that performances from an unrecognisable Tilda Swinton, a terrifying Willem Defoe, a captivating Saoirse Ronan and many others, including some wonderful cameos, and you have a perfect way to spend a hundred minutes (not that it felt that long at all - it really flew by). Just gorgeous.

Saturday was spent with family and friends, including my best's sprogs. Three tiny blonde hooligans, who have developed a penchant for putting their fingers in my ears as hard as they can. I am not known as Dan in that house, only as Hatman (really, the younger two don't even know I have another name). After watching The Lion King (still wonderful, and only slightly spoilt by the alleged grown-ups reciting all the best lines), I introduced the sprogs to The Real Ghostbusters, which went down a treat, although Wedge, the middle one, is the biggest pansy ever and was scared. Even though I specifically chose the least scary one on the disc ('Killerwatt,' for those who may wonder). Also, really good chilli.

Sunday was spent in Brighton again, at and around the Twisted Market, the bizarre bazaar and fetish fair that appears every so often at the Latest Music Bar. And an eye-opening experience it was. I caught up with some very good friends, made some new ones, met a vampire and a man who was a dog (or a dog who was a man?) had a really cracking bacon roll and managed to resist buying a lot of tempting things. I steadfastly refused to take part in the human snail racing - I was wearing my best togs and was not going to get them oily - and missed the kinky cabaret because I had to get back due to moderate to severe man flu. Still, it was a highly enjoyable event.

This coming week promises to be distinctly less enjoyable.

(A wonderful few days courtesy of Sophie, Jonesy, Shelly, Rosie and Jasmine. Thanks for a lovely time girls xxx)

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