Saturday, 19 April 2014

Iris Wildthyme of Mars - coming soon!

Author and editor Philip Purser-Hallard has now posted the full line-up for Obverse Books' next anthology, Iris Wildthyme of Mars, at his blog, Peculiar Times.

The stories, collected in pseudo-chronological order (from classical philosophical heavens to postmodern soft science fiction) are:

'Wandering Stars' - Ian Potter
'Lieut. Gullivar Jones: His Bad Weekend' - Daniel Tessier
'Iris: Chess-Mistress of Mars' - Simon Bucher-Jones
'Death on the Euphrates' - Selina Lock
'And a Dog to Walk' - Dale Smith
'Talking with Spores' - Juliet Kemp
'Doomed' - Richard Wright
'The Last Martian' - Rachel Churcher
'Lilac Mars' - Mark Clapham and Lance Parkin (sequel to the New Adventure 'Beige Planet Mars')
'City of Dust' - Aditya Bidikar
'The Calamari-Men of Mare Cimmerium' - Blair Bidmead
'Green Mars Blues' - Philip Purser-Hallard

Yes, that's my name right there. My story, being a sequel to an early planetary romance, comes second in the evolving scheme of Martian fiction. I'm in incredibly esteemed company here, alongside some of my favourite and most respected authors. Nerve-wracking, but exciting, in equal measure.

Iris Wildthyme of Mars should be available in print and e-book formats from Obverse Books in the summer. Pre-orders should be available soon.

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