Saturday 28 September 2013

Doctor Who video reblogs

Just thought I'd share some videos with my fellow Who fans. First up is the newly remastered first episode of 'The Ten Doctors,' by the supremely talented Babelcolour. Episode two can be found by clicking this link. Amazing editing work.

Doctor Who - The Ten Doctors (Part One) - by Babelcolour from Babelcolour on Vimeo.

Next is the joyously triumphant '50 Years and Counting' by Troughtonlover94. If you are a true fan, it is impossible not to love this.

And finally, another one of the BBC's many mini-episodes that pepper the periphery of the main series these days. 'Rain Gods' is, essentially, the original opening scene of Neil Gaiman's 2011 episode 'The Doctor's Wife,' tweaked to become an unconnected installment for the Doctor and River. (The credit to Steven Moffat is an error; this is written by Gaiman.)

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