Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Shameless promotion!

This is just one of posts dedicated to marketing stuff my friends and I have produced. There's some good stuff here, so please do take a gander.

Firstly, Myth Makers' new volume, Golden Years, is finally now available for order. All eleven Doctors make an appearance, and there's a host of material by fine authors like Kelly Hale, Cody Quijano-Schell, Blair Bidmead and Stuart Douglas. Also, my own contribution, 'The Sleeping Ones,' which features the seventh Doctor and Ace. The full description is here and you can order it here!

Now, if you're a geek and you like cool things, you should check out Papyrusaurus, the amazing craft company run by my good friend, Chief Executive Dinosaur, Ashley Croyle-Mankoski. She produces fantastic artwork, most of it riffing on geeky stuff like Doctor Who, Firefly and Harry Potter
And if you're looking for Christmas decorations with a different flavour, you should take a look at her pine cones.If you're more into jewellery and suchlike, you should check out her other company Sticks and Tomes. She does incredible things with natural materials, turning them into incredible, wearable works of art. And while I say 'company,' both Papyrusaurus and Sticks and Tomes are just Ashley. She's awesome talented and wears big glasses, and you should buy her stuff.

On the more business-y side of things, if you're looking for professional graphic design, you should try Ryan O'Hara of Rhinobites. He offers design work for businesses of all sizes, and as a display of his skills, he has created this absolutely amazing poster for the Cornetto Trilogy.

Finally, and though I've pushed it before, I urge you all to buy and read The Terminal by the supremely talented Rachael Spellman. It's a mere £1.54 for Amazon Kindle. This girl is going places, you mark my words. We'll be seeing her name on the bestseller lists, I am sure. And read her blog, for more fiction, articles and thoughts. She's really quite astonishing.

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